Group study takes place one weekend per month, from 9.15am to 5.30pm, for nine months, making it suitable for parents & those who have weekday jobs to manage alongside. Two years of practice as a prerequisite for those starting a 200 hour foundation yoga teacher training.

Our intensive courses, run over three months, one week per month from 9.15am to 5.30pm. You then complete your coursework & book a graduation class to suit your timetable, to complete your training.

Enrollees & graduates are mentored during & after their training, given a space to grow & implement their teaching skills & encouraged to attend classes for free* during the course.


Why choose this training?

This 200hr training is a non-lineage course, meaning we aren't following the teachings of any modern day guru, instead we study & compare several lineages. We do use the teachings of Patanjali as explained & interpreted by Desikachar & Mohan.

The training takes nine months & you graduate on the last weekend. Moving bodies & sharing ageless wisdom is a big responsibility, your confidence when delivering classes to people who trust you, is vitally important. It’s a good idea to come to the studio & take some classes with myself & my colleagues, some of whom are my graduates. We teach for Yoga Bespoke at the Lake Yoga studio in Copthorne & have 100s of loyal, long-term students & a friendly, down to earth atmosphere.

My respect for these ancient teachings, means myself & my teachers are careful not to appropriate the cultures & practices which carry deep meaning to so many. Similarly, if we’re going to use the term ‘yoga’ at all, we must consider the irony of using a name which is 5000 years old & absolutely describes an ancient spiritual practice of self-realisation, which works & then discourteously discounting Sanskrit or calling the practices ‘dogmatic’. We have a responsibility to use terms & practices correctly.

I will teach you how to be safe & communicate the yoga you already love to others. You won’t leave with a sequence that I insist you teach everywhere you go. You will know how to class plan, set yourself up in business, run online classes, how to maintain boundaries & apply more principles of yoga than just ahimsa, to your own conduct professionally & beyond.

Post lineage yoga

Post-lineage yoga rejects allegiances to living gurus. It's easy to understand why; an inordinate number of male teachers have behaved badly & abused their positions of trust. Female teachers too, have been accused of sexual harrassment & bullying & throughout the the whole western yoga machine, cultural appropriation is rife.

Instead, we work together to create an accessible & inclusive training for all abilities, gender & race. We are equals from the start.