As with my 200 Hour foundational Yoga Training, it is my intention to help you as a now qualified Yoga Teacher, to find your own way in this vast & wonderful world of Yoga by studying specific areas that interest you in greater depth.

Working with my colleagues Andy Curtis-Payne & Ananda Mello-Costa, we have put together a deeper & more reflective programme of learning that will animate the minds of teachers who will in turn inspire their students to learn about & live in yoga, thereby bringing about a positive change one class, at a time.



Why choose this training?

This 300hr training can be completed over two years. It will suit working teachers, parents & working parents, you have the flexibility to choose your dates & make them fit your life.

There are two compulsory modules focused on asana, sequencing, alignment & class planning with Lucy, these are both a week long. All days run 9.15am to 5.30pm. You can attend these modules at any point on the calendar; all the modules run twice a year, numbers allowing.

Once we finish our 200 hours, we soon realise the vastness of the Yoga we love. In order to nurture our interest & credibility it becomes clear we need to continue our studies, especially now the fear of standing up front & speaking in public is conquered & so the further training we do can be directed to the areas that enthuse us the most.

As we build our yoga-business, we begin to know what works for our students & what we want to focus on. We become ready to delve deeper into the areas that will serve the ones that come to our classes.

Modules Available

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Yoga History
  • Yoga Adjustments
  • Advanced Teaching Skills
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Teaching Pranayama
  • Business & Marketing for Yoga
  • Creative Yoga Sequencing
  • Teaching Pregnancy Yoga
  • Teaching Postnatal Yoga
  • Teaching Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Class Theming
  • Teaching Yin Yoga
  • Teaching Vinyasa Flow

What does a 300 hour training deliver beyond my 200 hours?

A 300 hour advanced Yoga teacher training is designed to deepen our understanding of the fundamental principles of Yoga & to enhance our teaching skills to a level that is beyond our 200-hour learning. Sussex Yoga Training's advanced Yoga teacher training prepares its trainees to teach concepts & methods of yoga that are more nuanced, detailed & subtler, with greater understanding than our 200-hours allowed for.