1 Session

  • Nov 21, 2021

The healing power of physical touch can be measured; brain activity changes during touch & certain types of endorphins are released, which combat stress hormones, resulting in a sense of relaxation and peace. Conifident, appropriate touch in class can be welcome & helpful to students but after Covid, touch has become even more controversial.

When you receive a confident, safe adjustment from a teacher you know to be experienced & knowledgable, their hands & breathing help us to visit poses in greater depth with more profound understanding of the the energetic dierection & purpose of the pose. The idea being the student feels & rememebrs the adjustment & can replicate it going forward by themselves or move towards it.

If you are unlucky enough to receive an unwanted, inexpertly applied adjustment, possibly where boundaries are crossed, it can put you off yoga for life & even be construed as physical abuse.

In this workshop we'll look at the more acessible & common adjusts that are useful to us as teachers & discuss the pros & cons of touch.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Observing first, why would we adjust?
  • The intended energetic directions of the pose - having a clear intention
  • Length & stability
  • Rules of adjusting for the teacher & the student - boundaries & lawsuits
  • Supporting student's breathing
  • Limits
  • Whole class adjustments
  • Demoing
  • Language
  • Physical practice

Poses Covered:

Downward Facing Dog, Corpse, Triangle, Side-Angle, Half-Moon, Child's, Warrior 1,2,3, Cobra, Plank, Upward facing Dog, Shoulder Stand.


Nov 21, 2021
Lake View Yoga Studio
Lucy Leslie
11:30 - 4:30 PM


4 Sessions

  • Jan 21, 22, 23 & Feb 26, 2022

Sussex Yoga Training’s 50 Hour Restorative & Yin Yoga CPD course, registered with the Yoga Alliance UK is for established teachers or those working towards a level three diploma or 200 hours certificate. It is a four day training that will enable you to deliver two entirely useful methods of yoga to your students.

Course Outline

This special four-day training will consist of three days of practical explorations, presentations & discussions with senior teacher, Kate Brushwood. On day four you will teach a Restorative & Yin class to students at Lake View Yoga Studio observed by your SYT.


Restorative: The anatomy & physiology of Restorative Yoga, nervous system regulation & the relationship with other body systems. The physiology of stress & relaxation, vagal tone & how to elicit the relaxation response. You’ll practice teaching, whilst considering environment, postures, props, modifications, progressions, intention, sequencing, theming, class planning, breath & language.

Combining Yin and Restorative Postures in a class: Guidance on sequencing, planning & delivery. The “Putting it all together – teaching from the heart” & Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga – what makes them different & why they work well together.

Yin Yoga: In context, it's purpose & benefits. The anatomy of Yin Yoga – “Yin tissues”, flexibility, fascia & the heart-mind connection. You’ll work on practical delivery of Yin Yoga postures whilst looking at intention & attention, the energetic body, duration, breathing, use of props, sequencing & themes.


Jan 21, 22, 23 & Feb 26, 2022
Lake View Yoga Studio
Kate Brushwood
Fri, Sat & Sun
10:30 - 6:30 PM