Lucy Leslie


I am Lucy & I've been practicing yoga since 1996. Teaching since 2010, I am one of a few fortunate yoga teachers, who is able to support my family through yoga teaching. I've owned studios & still do, I run trainings, lead retreats, CPD & workshops.

Many teachers have taught for me at my studios with varying success. I can often see patterns in the client's attendance of classes & I do get feedback from my many clients about what works & does not. I would often offer my teachers advice about how to fill their classes, but it was rarely taken & after continuous low numbers in their classes, I'd cancel them, or they'd see that their contract was untenable.

Having taught for large corporations & local businesses including Deloitte, Thales, St Catherine’s Hospice, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Nestle, Elekta, Buzzacott, Kier, Varian, BT, RSM & the Willis Towers Watson Hedge Fund, I have gained valuable insight into what hard working bodies want, which allows me to create classes for all sorts of bodies & be sought out by the people I teach afterwards. I am forever growing my business & sharing yoga farther afield at the same time.

I offer 45-minute Zoom business check-ups for independent teachers. I share everything I know about pricing, advertising & client management. I also share a decade’s worth of observed seasonal patterns in student attendance & class scheduling. I can help you build your independent business & define your boundaries as a businessperson whose trade is in ethical & spiritual practices.

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