Your Anatomy Teacher

Anatomy with David includes the study of bones, muscles, joints, breathing, asana, strength & flexibility.  Happily they are delivered with yoga as their focus.

Being a yoga instructor does not mean you need clinical anatomy & physiology training, our students don't require that of us. The study of anatomy is lifelong, we learn more as we teach & see bodies moving in our classes.

You will study modules on connective tissue, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system & breathing. You will also look at the foot, ankle, knee & hip joints, the psoas, pelvis & SI joint, the spine, shoulder girdle, hand wrist & elbow joints.


Anatomy Tutor

David Keil
David Keil was introduced to yoga in 1989 by his Tai Chi Chuan teacher at the age of 17. As an instructor of Kinesiology (the study of movement and musculoskeletal anatomy), David has the job of making the complex and beautiful system of anatomy accessible and understandable to the average person.

20 Hours Online Study & 10 Hours with your Tutor

You’ll have access to 20 hours of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology & physical exploration. 10 Hours will spent with your course tutor dissemintating your home-learning at our studio weekends.

From home, you will watch online video presentations. The information is presented as reading, video & exploration exercises. You will have to think about the information & answer discussion questions in class with your studio tutor. There will be online quizzes that you must pass at 75% or higher. You will bring the information you study into class on your weekends & make the connection to how you teach. Your online learning is trackable by your tutor.